New Machines

barudan_logoSchurke & Associates have been the exclusive distributor for Barudan Embroidery Machines in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa since 1986.

Our Top 10 Reasons Why Barudan Makes Simply The Best

1) Best stitching (Ask those in the golf industry)

  • Smallest lettering
  • Finest detail

2) Strongest

  • Car mats
  • Karate belts
  • Golf bags

3) Best production (Ask any who own a Barudan and a brand X)

4) Best cap machine (Ask the big companies in the cap business)

5) Best longevity in a production environment

6) Least maintenance time

7) Least parts expense

8) Best Service

9) Best resale value

10) Still the only embroidery machine made exclusively in Japan for the US market